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>> Accelerate Innovation TM

Global investors and corporations may find Olive Bay as their local partner in Israel. Olive Bay Ltd. has become recognized in the industry as a business development leader and is highly respected among both international investment firms and a list of multinational corporations. The company earned this position following its proven track record of success. It has a large network of relevant connections worldwide and the local relations in the entire relevant eco-system.

When Olive Bay targets Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) deals, Olive Bay's approach is definitely far beyond the deal making. The combination of deep technological understanding and industry experience together with its unique market-oriented business approach, allows Olive Bay to offer services to both international investors and local companies. On one hand to be able to identify opportunities in a very professional way and on the other hand to offer local hi-tech and life science firms high level of planning and development. It offers comprehensive competitive analysis followed by innovative strategic planning. Olive Bay enjoys world-class expertise in planning the transformation of scientific research and complex designs into simple and well targeted products with clear market penetration strategies.

Deal types include:

    >> Strategic Accounts
    >> Distribution Channels and Joint Ventures
    >> Private Equity Investments
    >> Venture Capital and Growth Investments
    >> Strategic Corporate Investments
    >> Pre IPO Investments
    >> Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
    >> Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)
    >> Distribution and Joint Ventures

Olive Bay's main areas of interest include:

    >> Deep Tech
    >> Artificial Inteligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning
    >> Cyber Security, Communications, New Media
    >> Software, SaaS, Cloud based Technologies
    >> Semiconductor, Optics
    >> Digital Healthcare, Medical Devices, Personalized Medicine
    >> Sustainability and Alternative Energy, ESG

Services include:

    >> Management Strategic Consulting
    >> Business and Corporate Development
    >> New Revenue Stream Opening and Generation
    >> Competitive Analysis and Strategic Planning
    >> Go to Market Planning, Stratigic Deals
    >> Identify Investment Opportunities
    >> Deal formation, Syndication, M&As
    >> Technology and Market Due-Diligence
    >> Turnaround strategies


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